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Image by Jordon Conner

Rowdy Reactive Rovers

Are walks stressful for you?

Does your dog pull, whine, bark, lunge, or otherwise go frantic on leash when she or he encounters other dogs or people? Are you embarrassed or frustrated? 

If so, our Rowdy Reactive Rovers (RRR) series is for you!

Our RRR series will provide you and your dog with the training, life skills, and tools needed to be successful and feel safe in the seemingly unpredictable dog walking world.


Owners will learn to read dog body language, proper leash and handling skills, and other training skills for when they are out and about.  Dogs learn foundational behaviors such as eye contact in addition to emergency behaviors like U-Turns.

Learning in a group environment may seem overwhelming, but have no fear.  A group class will serve as your support group and your learning companions.  We work diligently to set you and your dog up for success; this includes a safe learning environment.


& What


Caitlin Kuczko KPA-CTP, CCUI

Foundation Skills

  • Auto-focus

  • Name Recognition

Reactivity Protocols

  • Counter Conditioning & Desensitization 

  • Engage Disengage

  • U Turns


and more! 

Rowdy Reactive Rovers Foundations

Working Spots: You and your dog*

4 Weeks of Class $200

Click Here to Register


Audit Position: You without your dog

4 Weeks of Class for only $100

Click Here to Register

*Please Contact Caitlin if your dog has a bite history. Group class is not appropriate for all dogs, and some dogs may need private sessions instead


When &


Sunday Mornings  


10:00 - 11:00 am

Leadville, Colorado** 

*First class is human only orientation

**Locations will be provided in group email

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