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heather and arya.jpg

Heather & Arya

Caitlin training is the type that lasts long after the class is finished.  She gave me the tools and techniques that help me with day to day and real life situations.  It has made all the difference for me and my pup!


Tim & Apollo

Apollo and I had such an amazing time! We learned so much and everyone was so kind and attentive to what we needed or wanted to learn. It's all positive reinforcement so I learned different methods for training Apollo and found many different perspectives on approaching the same action. I highly recommend using this service!!

thomas and blue.jpg

Thomas & Blue

Blue had an amazing time from 6 weeks old all the way to 9 months. Although he leaned discipline and to obey commands, the best part about this class is the controlled socialization for the dogs and the amount of knowledge given to the owners.

noodle and maria.jpg

Maria & Noodle

We had an awesome experience and she was the most patient person I have ever seen!! Super happy and smart young lady!!!
Love her to pieces!
Thanks Caitlin!!!!
María and Noodle!!!

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